Johann Braun und Anna Elisabeth Rechberger


In June 2015 Johann Braun and Anna Elisabeth Rechberger founded their first company, BR International Consulting Services GmbH, which operates in the logistics sector (rail transport). The company group now comprises several subsidiaries and tier subsidiaries.


How did that happen? How do you know each other?

We got to know each other years ago as part of an official invitation from the Styrian state government in Graz and our paths crossed again and again afterwards. Running our own company had been in our minds for a long time, and when the opportunity arose from an order in 2015, we accepted the challenge.

What was your biggest challenge at that time?

At that time, we were both still employed by our previous employers. Finding the balance between our employers and the new challenges required the greatest effort at that time.

Your company group has grown very quickly since it was founded. What do you think, why is that?

In our opinion, this is partly due to the fact that we were able to master the challenges of the tasks set in us in a way that our clients did not expect. Secondly we were able to deliver a quality of results in the months and years that followed which apparently did not exist before.

With your second company BR International Real Estate Services GmbH you have decided to enter the real estate industry. Why?

Due to the fact we have rented various warehouses in Europe and paid immense hotel costs for our employees, the idea of setting up our own warehouses and accommodations came up.


Why did you choose to set up the headquarters in Vienna? Wouldn't Germany be more obvious?

When we founded our first companies in Sofia and Vienna it was not clear how the business would develop. Due to the requirements in 2017, we used manpower mainly from Austria.
When we also needed employees for the back office in the months that followed, the idea of building up our headquarters in Austria solidified.

You now have several sites in Europe. Are more planned here?

In Europe we are very well positioned with our locations in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Poland and the Benelux. We are not planning any new sites in other European countries in the foreseeable future.

Is a site in North America in consideration?

In our company BR International Real Estate Services, we currently see potential in Canada, where we could address customers and be successful with an interesting offer. We want to vigorously pursue these ideas in 2020.


What's next?

In 2020 we will restructure our companies in such a way that we can optimally provide our back office (NEW - BR International Service Center GmbH) to all subsidiaries and tier subsidiaries of BR Holding GmbH and also be able to reflect a true cost perspective.
With BR International Consulting Services, we are facing enormous challenges with international military transports this year, but we are already looking forward to handling them to the greatest satisfaction of our client.

About the People

Johann Braun - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BR company group
Anna E. Rechberger - Chief Financial Officer (CFO) BR company group

Facts & Figures

Number of employees: 76 permanent and a further 58 partially employed employees
Number of sites: 9 sites in Europe